Meet the Officers

Meet The Officers



Commissioner P. Chimenti

Commissioner A. Cooper

Commissioner R. Mirabile

Chief Staff

 Chief of Department: J. Janus

1st Assistant Chief: M. McGillicuddy

2nd Assistant Chief: M. Carnevale

3rd Assistant Chief: T. Klett

Truck Company One

Captain: M. George

1st Lt: S. Muneshwar

2nd Lt: J. Ruddy

Engine Company Two

Captain: M. Pfleger

1st Lt: A. DiGregorio

2nd Lt: J. Neves

Engine Company Three

Captain: P. Kellegher

1st Lt: J. Hertz

Admin Officer: A. Zovich

Engine Company Four

Captain: A. Cooper

1st Lt: R. Mirabile

2nd Lt: C. Magas

Rescue Company Five

Captain: M. Marcisak

1st Lt: J. Hertz

2nd Lt: A. Pasquarosa

Paramedic Program

Supervisor: T. Ford