Juniors Explorer Post 150

GCPFD Junior Program

In September of 2006 under Ex-Chief M. Rivers, the Garden City Park Fire Department adopted the Nassau County Junior Firefighter Association program along with Boy Scouts of America program for the youth of the community. The purpose of this organization is to train the youth, between the ages of 14-18, in many different aspects of the Fire & Rescue world. These Junior members are taught fire safety, life saving tactics, teamwork, fundraising skills, artistic skills, fundraising skills and much more alongside the skills of firefighting and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) skills. Since 2007 many kids have gone through the program with some even transitioning over to become members of the Fire & Rescue companies and some even becoming officers and leaders in their respective companies. For those who do not transition over to the department still can benefit from the program when they turn 18 and it comes time for college and job applications. The program serves many benefits and continues to stand strong today as an example for other departments to institute the program in their own respective Fire Departments.

Currently the program is run by head advisor Ex-Chief M. Rivers. The programs current advisory staff consist of:

Truck Company 1

Ex-Chief M. Rivers

Merillon Engine Company 2

Lt M. Pfleger

Hillside Heights Engine Company 3

Lt J. Hertz

FF A. McNulty

North Hills Express Engine Company 4

FF J. Cooper

FF F. Sannuti

Rescue Company 5

EMT T. Kaur

This advisory staff is in charge of training and teaching currently 30+ active Junior members.


The Juniors program is modeled after the Department. The juniors have their own officers (Captain, Lieutenants, and Sgt. at Arms). The officers run the program with the help of the advisory staff just like the Department companies run. The first Monday of every month, the juniors meet for their monthly meeting. The 2nd and 3rd Monday that follows the meeting are Drill nights where the members are taught skills of the firefighting and EMS world. The juniors also take part in many fundraisers throughout the year and also march in many parades with the Department and Nassau County. The Junior program is filled with a lot of excitement and pushed by passion to teach the next generation. To find out more about the program or for an application to join, visit us on a Monday night at GCPFD Headquarters.