The Town of North Hempstead approved amendments to Local Law, Chapter 49, titled ‘Snow Removal, Snow Emergencies and Street Cleaning’. By unanimous vote, The Town Council enacted amendments proposed by The Fire Advisory Council*.

The new law requires 'every owner, lessee, tenant, occupant, or other person in charge of any property within the town, except one or two family dwellings, adjacent to which there is a fire hydrant to remove the snow and ice from around the hydrant for a distance of two feet, and between the sidewalk and curb, and to keep the fire hydrant free from snow and ice throughout the winter, within four hours after snow has ceased to fall.'

The provision further describes penalties up to a $350 fine and payment to the town for costs incurred to remove snow from non-compliant property owners.

The Fire Advisory Council began working on this legislation after last winter. They [Fire Council] acknowledged that during the past two winters snowfall and long lasting snow cover hindered fire department operations and presented a substantial risk to public safety. The council recommended to the Town, the legislation for all hydrants, including those hydrants adjacent to residential properties.

In a compromise, the Town Council agreed to move forward with the legislation for properties other than one or two family private dwellings and vowed to research a realistic approach to keep residential hydrants clear as well. Supervisor Kaiman, The Town Council, and The Fire Advisory Council will be working together in an effort to educate the public on the importance of keeping hydrants clear during storm emergencies.

*The Town of North Hempstead Fire Advisory Council is a committee of Chief Officers from each Fire Department and EMS Provider within the boundaries of the Town. They work closely with the Town Council and The Town Supervisor to make changes to help protect the life and property of the residents and visitors to the Town of North Hempstead and its surrounding communities.