Engine Company Two


Captain: Michael Pfleger
1st Lt: Alex DiGregorio
2nd Lt: Jonathen Neves
Treasurer: Joseph Brantuk
Sgt. Arms: Donald Olsen Sr.



History & Achievements

Merillon Engine Company Two was formed in 1926, 15 years after the Garden City Park Hook and Ladder Company One was formed. In 1926 the department had a new headquarters built that would house both Merillon Hook and Ladder One and Merillon Engine Company Two, to better protect the ever growing district of Garden City Park.

When Merillon Company Two was formed in 1926, so was the Ladies’ Auxiliary. Company Two was the first company to have their own auxiliary. To this day the Department’s Auxiliary is comprised of member’s wives, with the majority of the members being from Company Two.

In the 100 years of the Department, Company Two has had sixteen members become Chief of the Department. The first member to become Chief, from Company Two was Chief Trauerts from 1936-1937 and again from 1940-1941. Most recently for our 100th Anniversary, Company Two has the distinct honor of having William Rudnick as the Chief of the Garden City Park Fire Department. On the linked pages you will find all of the Ex-Chiefs from Company Two with their years served as Chief.

Every fire department has several layers of leadership. Merillon Engine Company Two is no different. In the 85 years of existence there have been 42 different men to take the oath of Captain. The first Captain was Captain Trauerts and most recently for the 100th Anniversary was Matthew Flood. On the link below you will also find a list of Ex-Captain’s from Merillon Engine Company Two. Most members that become Captain go on to become Chief sometime during the rest of their time as a member of the Garden City Park Fire Department.