Engine Company Three


Captain: Patrick Kellegher
1st Lt: Jordan Hertz
2nd Lt: Andy Zovich
Secretary: Alan McNulty
Treasurer: Kenneth Borchers
Sgt. Arms: Joseph Wendling Sr.



Hillside Heights Engine Company Three was established in 1937. Company Three's first fire apparatus was a 1939 Ford. In 1954, Engine Company 3 had purchased a Mack Fire Truck that was placed in service in the following year. That fire engine was featured in a "Champion Spark Plugs" commercial on September 27, 1958. In 1971, the beloved 1954 Mack Fire truck along with Engine Company Four’s 1947 Ward LaFrance was destroyed by a fire that destroyed the firehouse. A brand new 1971 Red Mack fire truck was put into service when the new fire station was rebuilt. In the late 1970 to the early 1980, the 1971 Mack truck was painted white. That truck was known as the "White Lighting". In 1991, Company 3 replaced the 1971 Mack with a 1991 Simon Duplex Top Mount Pump which has a Foam Tank as well.

In March 2014, the company placed in service a brand new Spartan ERV Gladiator fire truck. This fire truck is dedicated to the memory of Chief Thomas V. Regan, who passed away on February 17, 2011 due to injuries while responding to a carbon monoxide alarm on January 26 2011. This engine is the mutual aid engine for the fire department.