J. Janus
Chief of Department

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Michael McGillicuddy
First Assistant Chief

Engine Company Four

Second Assistant Chief McGillicuddy joined the Department in 1978 as a member of Engine Company 4. In his 42 years of serving the department and community, he has served as 2nd Lieutenant, 1st Lieutenant & Captain 3 times. He has also served as Commissioner for the Garden City Park Water Fire District. He currently works for SUNY Downstate Medical Center where he oversees the operation of the Gross Anatomy Labs and is Deputy Commander of the Haz-Mat Response team for the institution. He is also a member of the National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) assigned to Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team (DMORT), where if there were a National or Global disaster he would respond to assist with the recovery of the deceased. Assistant Chief McGillicuddy is also a New York State Licensed Funeral Director. In 2021, he was elected as Second Assistant Chief.

Michael Carnevale
Second Assistant Chief

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Timothy Klett
Third Assistant Chief

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Mathew George
Chief's Aide

Truck Company One, Rescue Five
Chiefs’ Aide M. George has been a member of the Garden City Park Fire Department since December 2013 and serves as a member of Companies 1 and 5. Chief's Aide George has previously served as rescue Captain and is currently first Lt in Company 1. Outside of the department, he has worked as an EMT as well as currently works for Northwell Dispatch.